1915 Consolidation

On 3rd December 1915 the Governor in Council made the following order:

This Order was published in the Gazette on 3rd December 1915. Following the publication of this Notice, and by virtue of the Dependencies Ordinance 1908 s3, those Ordinances were declared to be in force in the Dependencies:

“subject only to such qualifications as local circumstances render necessary and permit.”

It is interesting that this Notice in the Gazette did not recite the entirety of Dependencies Ordinance 1908 s5 which provides as follows:

“Any Ordinance or part of any Ordinance of the Colony which shall be in force in the Dependencies shall be in force therein so far only as the circumstances of the Dependencies and their inhabitants permit, and subject to such qualifications as local circumstances render necessary.”

On that basis the 73 Ordinances published in ‘The New Edition of the Ordinances of the Colony’ became law in the Dependencies.
The single volume book entitled ‘The New Edition of the Ordinances of the Colony’ published consolidated versions of these 73 Ordinances that dated from 1853-1913.

Below you can find the following tables:

  • Table of Contents
  • Chronological Table of Ordinances
  • Index

(which were published with the Ordinances as well as the Ordinances themselves.)

The Table of Contents lists the Ordinances published in ‘The New Edition of the Ordinances of the Colony’ – is chronological order. The chronology is based on the date of enactment of the Ordinance.

The Chronological Table of Ordinances shows all Ordinances that were enacted in the period 1853-1913 and indicates their status as at the date when ‘The New Edition of the Ordinances of the Colony’ was prepared for publication.

The Index is the index as published in The New Edition of the Ordinances of the Colony.’ It remains of value to point a researcher in the direction of the appropriate Ordinance even if on this part of the website the Ordinances are published individually and not by reference to their page numbers in ‘The New Edition of the Ordinances of the Colony.’


  • The Table of Contents indicates that it refers to the Ordinances either by their short title or by subject matter. None of the entries in this Table use the full short title of the Ordinance as defined in the Ordinance.
  • The file names given to each Ordinance comprises a two-digit number corresponding with the place the Ordinance had in the chronological list of Ordinances and as close a rendering as is possible to the short title of the Ordinance.
  • None of the file names for these Ordinances reproduce any prefixing ‘The’ used in the short title to the Ordinance.

1915 Codification Laws Tables

TitleFile SizeLink
Table of Contents2 MB
Index8 MB
Chronological Table of Ordinances 1853 19139 MB

1915 Codification Laws

TitleFile SizeLink
73 Opium Ordinance 19135 MB
72 Wild Animal and Birds Protection (Amendment) Ordinance 19135 MB
71 Children Ordinance 19122 MB
70 Cinematograph Ordinance 19123 MB
69 Wireless Telegraphy Ordinance 19123 MB
68 New Edition of the Ordinances Ordinance 19115 MB
67 Licensing Ordinance (South Georgia) 19112 MB
66 Councils Validity Ordinance 19112 MB
65 Wharfage Ordinance 19115 MB
64 Merchant Shipping Ordinance 1909939 KB
63 Public Education Ordinance 19099 MB
62 Penguin (Dependencies) Ordinance 19094 MB
61 Seal Fishery (Dependencies) Ordinance 19095 MB
60 Privy Council Appeals Ordinance 190910 MB
59 Deceased Wifes Sisters Marriage Ordinance 1909910 KB
58 Dependencies Ordinance 19084 MB
57 Quarantine Ordinance 190821 MB
56 Whale Fishery Ordinance 19086 MB
55 Gun Licence Ordinance 19083 MB
54 Pensions Ordinance 190611 MB
53 Stanley Rating Ordinance 19051 MB
52 Titles to Land Ordinance 19046 MB
51 Trespass Ordinance 19044 MB
50 Flogging Regulation Ordinance 19042 MB
49 Land Ordinance 190324 MB
48 Customs Ordinance 190327 MB
47 Patents Ordinance 19032 MB
46 Marriage Ordinance 190210 MB
45 Pilot Ordinance 190212 MB
44 Summary Jurisdiction Ordinance 190232 MB
43 Harbour Ordinance 19026 MB
42 Public Lands Ordinance 190214 MB
41 Probate and Unrepresented Estates Ordinance 190120 MB
40 Live Stock Ordinance 190119 MB
39 Jury Ordinance 19017 MB
38 Administration of Justice Ordinance 19019 MB
37 Census Ordinance 19013 MB
36 Alien Ordinance 19006 MB
35 Interpretation and General Law Ordinance 190013 MB
34 Tariff Ordinance 19005 MB
33 Wrecks Ordinance 189914 MB
32 Seal Fishery Ordinance 18996 MB
31 Post Office Ordinance 18984 MB
30 Companies Ordinance 18984 MB
29 Coroners Ordinance 18984 MB
28 Gaols Ordinance 18985 MB
27 Stanley Fire Brigade Ordinance 189810 MB
26 Conspiracy Ordinance 18965 MB
25 Uniforms Ordinance 18952 MB
24 Public Health Ordinance 189411 MB
23 Lunacy Ordinance 18948 MB
22 Volunteer Ordinance 189213 MB
21 Christ Church Ordinance 18932 MB
20 Dogs Ordinance 18922 MB
19 Foreign Jurisdiction Act (Expenses) Ordinance 18902 MB
18 Tobacco Licences Ordinance 18892 MB
17 Married Womens Property Ordinance 188914 MB
16 Criminal Law Amendment Ordinance 188912 MB
15 Merchandise Marks Ordinance 188915 MB
14 Stanley Cemetery Ordinance 188814 MB
13 Savings Bank Ordinance 18884 MB
12 Licensing Ordinance 188236 MB
11 Ships Ordinance 18755 MB
10 Mortgages Ordinance 18757 MB
09 Escheat Ordinance 18715 MB
08 Dogs Ordinance 18682 MB
07 Vaccination Ordinance 186812 MB
06 Naval Stores and Victualling Ordinance 18675 MB
05 Penguins Ordinance 18672 MB
04 Clergymens Ordinance 18653 MB
03 Registration Ordinance 185315 MB
02 Dog Licences Ordinance 18532 MB
01 Auctioneers Ordinance 18536 MB